Looking for the best technical audit training available in the world? Look no further!
We’re gearing up for the SANS CDI East conference starting on December 10, 2008. David Hoelzer of EnclaveForensics will be on hand to teach the Advanced System and Network Auditing course.

Over the years I’ve had the chance to speak with and work with a number of CISAs and CIAs. One thing that almost every one of them has in common is that they’re top notch people trying to help organizations to control risks but they often feel that they are really missing something on the technical end. That’s where this course comes in.

The entire thrust of this six day hands-on course is to give an auditor the technical know-how that he or she needs to ask the right questions, know what the answers should be and even be in a position to create a world class information assurance and compliance management framework in the enterprise. Here are a few of the highlights:

Day one of the class gives you hands on practical risk assessment strategies that can be applied immediately to your audit practice upon returning to the office. On this day we also spend time helping to give you the non-technical tools that you need to better communicate your findings. Perhaps most importantly we spend time assisting you to learn how to better communicate with those being audited and how to effectively convince them to willingly comply with policies and procedures. Finally, we give you a time-tested six step audit process that actually works when it comes to conducting an entire audit engagement.

Days two and three of the course are spent digging deep into the technical aspects of auditing firewalls, routers and network architectures. You will leave the class with tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to your organization the day that you get back to the office. You will also have performed and know how to perform a technical validation of a firewall or router rulebase, allowing you to provide complete assurance when it comes to the functioning of these systems in your enterprise. You will also know how to determine whether or not these your network is architectured to properly support the information security requirements of your organization.

Day four of the class is everything that you need to know to perform technical audits and validations of web applications. Web applications are one of the most important applications that we have in our organizations when it comes to marketing and visibility, but these are also the number one cause of compromises in our networks and systems today. You will understand not only how these systems function but also how to verify whether or not they have been properly secured!

The last two days of the course are focused entirely on operating system level auditing. Day five is spent focused on Windows technologies with special emphasis on XP, 2003 and Vista and how to audit these as stand alone systems as well as domain level auditing. Day six is spent doing in depth auditing of UNIX based systems with special emphasis on how to create automated scripts to automatically perform periodic validations and to help administrators to ensure that their systems are remaining secure over time.

We’d love to see you at the conference. Please drop us a line to let us know if you’re coming!