Networking Basics

Are you missing some of the basic fundamentals of how computers and networks work? This is true for many people who are transitioning into IT from other roles, especially in the audit disciplines.

Many people who have transitioned into IT Security, especially in the audit disciplines, discover that they are missing some of the fundamentals. This presentation and accompanying notes is designed to get you up to speed on some of the low level basics.

The 100+ page booklet starts out by covering some of the basics of numbering systems used with computers including some of the background theory that connects the dots but that was likely skipped when you were learning math in school. From there we cover some of the basics of networking protocols and finally how network addressing and masking works.

As frightening as it is, I remember going through a pool of over fifty applicants for a network engineering position. Of those, quite a few had documented experience managing and designing networks of more than five years. Even so, out of that entire pool, not a single one of them was able to perform the simple task of taking a network address and subnetting it into two networks. In the end, I hired the two guys who said, “You know what, I’m really not sure. I’d have to look it up” rather than the forty and more who tried and failed miserably.

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